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At EDS Capital Group Corp. our primary focus is the acquisition of publicly traded cannabis (marijuana) company stocks. We have established mutually beneficial business agreements with numerous publicly traded cannabis (marijuana) companies in order to allow us to purchase a nearly unlimited number of their stocks from the source. This bulk buy agreement allows us to acquire their stock at or even below that stock’s current market value at the time of the acquisition. We are a private company which means unlike the big brokerage firms we do NOT charge you a transaction fee or any other fees at all.

Our unique bargaining position is beneficial to everyone. As you are well aware, current companies engaging in the cannabis industry are NOT able to take out bank loans. This means that most of the publicly traded multi-million-dollar cannabis companies need liquid assets in order to pay their bills and employees. That’s where EDS Capital Group Corp. is able to help. We act as a private lender of sorts, but instead of requiring collateral and all the red tape that a banking institution would require, we instead agree to purchase their stocks in LARGE quantities in order to satisfy their liquid asset needs at that time, this way everyone benefits!

Did you know?…
The Marijuana Industry Could Be Worth $35 Billion In 2020, If All States And Feds Legalize It
At least 10,000 jobs were created in Colorado alone during 2014. The legal marijuana industry has the potential to create 200,000 new jobs in 2015.
Based on these projections, The Legal Marijuana Industry Could Be Bigger Than NFL By 2020.

Marijuana Prohibition is coming to an end

Now is the time to invest in the Legal Marijuana (Cannabis) Industry!

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