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Cannabis Company Investment and Share Acquisition Intention  

EDS Capital Group Corporation as an entity intends to:

  • Complete all requirements to become a publically traded cannabis holding company.
  • Invest 100% of all proceeds, redistributions and partner acquired funds into successful cannabis, hemp, CBD or bi-product based companies with the intent of acquiring status as a majority share holder.
  • Will maintain an updated account of all cannabis based companies on a monthly interval that will be made available to all employees, affiliates and partners.
  • Will maintain an updated account of all holdings, share acquisitions and redistributions on a weekly interval that will be made available to all partners.
  • Will retain all share acquisitions on behalf of itself and all partners for the life of the issuing company as long as they remain in good legal standing and provide positive quarterly reports. Ultimately the discretion of “what is best for the company and its partners” will be held by management.
  • Share acquisition will be sought directly with the company of interest if possible as a means of direct investment in said companies’ future. Share purchases made by direct means may be less than the current offering through a brokerage and the difference in gain will be held by the company as profit and distributed as appropriate.
  • Partners that become affiliated with our company will not be liable for transaction fees, trade fees or commissions.
  • All shares owned by our company or held on behalf of our partners are monitored during all business hours when the exchange is open. The right to sell or buy any of our shares is solely decided by management.
  • The purpose of allowing partners to affiliate with us and to become a publically held cannabis orientated company is to have the ability to purchase high volumes of shares directly from OTC cannabis related companies on a bi-weekly or monthly interval at a rate lower than the current trading price(s).
  • EDS Capital Group Corporation does NOT make profit or commissions from partner monetary
    involvement throughout the share acquisition and/or redistribution process. All capital gains derived through the partner platform are from below market value discounts from direct purchase(s).
  • It is the intent of our company to be the first publically traded, true, precise and honest cannabis holding company that the industry can refer to for an accurate guideline.
  • Our company will cultivate and dispense cannabis on an agent-like standard as it becomes legal in the states we currently operate in.


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