Cannabis Companies

We have compiled a page with listings of the current publicly traded cannabis companies. We will update the list in order to keep our clients and partners up-to-date with the most recent additions.

EDS currently holds substantial shares in the companies highlighted with an *

* Inergetics, Inc
* GrowLife Inc
* Cannabis Science Inc
* mCig Inc
Terra Tech Corp
* Oxis International Inc
* Vapor Hub Int ernational Inc
* Peak Pharmaceuticals Inc
Neutra Corp
Cara Therapeutics Inc
Agritek Holdings Inc
* Enertopia Corp
Lexaria Corp
FutureWorld Corp
* iMD Companies Inc
* Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc
* American Green Inc
Creative Edge Nutrition Inc
* Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc
Totally Hemp Crazy Inc
Hemp Inc
Abattis Bioceuticals Corp
* Vapor Group Inc
Players Network Inc
Mountain High Acquisitions Corp
Chuma Holdings Inc
Indie Growers Association
American Cannabis Company Inc
Digital Development Group Corp
Tauriga Sciences Inc
Alternative Fuels Americas Inc
Stevia Corp
MaryJane Group Inc
Monarch America Inc
Cannabis-Rx Inc
Plandai Biotechnology Inc
Surna Inc
Verde Science Inc
Growblox Sciences Inc
Two Rivers Water & Farming Co
Vape Holdings Inc
22nd Centry Group Inc
Vapor Corp
Vaporin Inc
CannaVEST Corp
AeroGrow International Inc
Advanced Cannabis Solutions Inc
Full Circle Capital Corp
Cannabis Sativa Inc
INSYS Therapeutics Inc
GW Pharmaceuticals PLC
Greengro Technologies Inc
Medical Marijuana Inc
Cannagrow Holdings Inc
Mentor Capital Inc
Quasar Aerospace Industries Inc
United Treatment Centers Inc
Vega Biofuels Inc
Fortune Oil & Gas Inc
Latteno Food Corp
SIPP Industries Inc
QED Connect Inc
International Consolidated Companies Inc
Dewmar International BMC Inc
SinglePoint Inc
Cannabis Solutions Inc
MyEcheck Inc
Endexx Corp
BreedIT Corp
Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc
Affinor Growers Inc
Axxess Unlimited Inc
InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc
Novus Acquisition and Development
Bedrocan Cannabis Corp
United Cannabis Corp
Tweed Marijuana Inc
MJ Holdings Inc
Medbox Inc
Zoned Properties Inc

EDS Capital Group Corporation will retain all current and future acquired shares for the life if the issuing company as long as the remain in good legal standing and provide positive quarterly reports.


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