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Over the last two decades we have seen only a handful of exceptional opportunities for a person to create a legacy for generations like the Carnegie’s, Vanderbilt’s, Ford’s and Gate’s. In front of us is a product equal to or greater than tobacco, steel, alcohol, oil, cars and computers…cannabis, also known as marijuana. The legalization of it on a medicinal and recreational level is becoming an explosive opportunity for those that can see what is directly in front of them. Over the last three years, many people and companies have become millionaires, and a few billionaires, simply from being in the front of the line. There are not any secrets about the industry, where you are in it is what determines what you will get out of it. You could be involved in the cultivation, dispensing, manufacturing of products, marketing or best of all…involved in every aspect of it. That is where we come in as a privately directed profit sharing corporation that acquires many millions of shares of legally traded cannabis-orientated common and/or preferred stocks at or below margin value.

Prior to 2014 our corporation primarily invested in oil, natural gas and hydrogen fuel cell. We are now exclusively cannabis-orientated common and/or preferred long term stock holders. Since our February 2014 transition from energy to cannabis we have seen returns that are nearly unbelievable. Until earlier this year we were completely private only to a handful of friends, family and long-term business contacts. Over this past year, we have secured a contractual agreements to bring this to the public on a vast scale based on our past three years of acquisition. In this memorandum, you will be introduced to the prospect of our lifetime.

In summary, this profit sharing membership offers a minimum/maximum return per annum for 3 years guaranteed, renewable every year with tax deferment, licensing and share exchange options when we become a publicly traded and registered corporation. In plain English, your participation is harmonized without any distinctive risk remunerated directly back to you with the options of participating in the cultivation, dispensing and manufacturing, as well as company dividends on stock exchange options or tax deferments. There is not anything else out there that comes close to this…nor will there ever be again in our lifetime as far as we know.

Call or email to provide us with your name and address so that we may mail you our Private Placement Memorandum and supporting documents. We will answer every question you have about this opportunity and move forward when you are ready!

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